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September 10, 2009


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Frost Neuro Linguistics: Business Coaching and Life Coaching

Frost Neuro Linguistics - Business Coaching and Management Training

Frost Neuro Linguistics was founded in April 2005 in Exeter (UK) and is now operating in Osaka (Japan).

Focus: working with people and organisations as a Business Coach and Trainer to enable them to create the results they desire, whether they are unsure of how to achieve them or are seeking someone to aid them in creating the results sooner than they could on their own.

Part of this focus is to work on the reduction and mitigation of stress, without doubt a major cause of problems both inside and outside of work, the 1997 ACTU National Survey on Stress at Work has a large amount of detail on this. Stress levels within personnel, families and partners conspire to amplify any issues encountered and make them intolerable. By reducing and mitigating stress levels people can get on with actually living and achieving the results they have set out to achieve.

Whether you are part of a business, or you are an entrepreneur or someone looking to break out of stresses and patterns holding them back in life, there are many things that we can do together to aid you in achieving the results you desire, for most people working with a Business Coach is a very good start to achieving those results.

Advanced techniques of communication and change are utilised to create truly amazing results in businesses and peoples own lives. By operating within new perceptions and ways of experiencing the world, people are able to achieve higher levels of innovation and creativity, thus achieving previously elusive results and ones they have set out to achieve in a more rapid fashion.

Within us all is the capacity for change and creating what we want, it just has to be located, nurtured and tapped. Upon doing this the potential is limitless.

Through working together businesses can improve their fortunes and gain greater results from their personnel, and people can change their businesses and lives to live them inline with what they aspire to.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and Archetypal Branding are all tools that allow for the tapping of potential to realise the results wanted. As with any tool kit and task you only ever use the tools required, and often there is more than one way of tackling an issue, thus the tools used are always the ones appropriate to the situation. Be this in One to One change work and Business Coaching, or in a Training environment.

Life Coaching And Business Coaching Services

What ever your situation, what ever it is you are looking to create in your business or life or both, the result you want is in some way achievable. In terms of change work, once someone has decided that they want to create a certain result in their life that change can happen very rapidly, working as a Business Coach I have seen many people transform their businesses and lives rapidly and with fantastic results. In terms of wider business, the Communication, Sales and Stress Management skills available from Management Training have an incredibly positive impact on how people work and the results they can achieve. The fringe benefit of all these things is the situation improves for everyone who is connected to anyone connected to the people who have been trained, or gone through with the change work they needed. Back to the Main Page on Coaching.

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