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September 10, 2009

Management Training

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Management Training from Frost Neuro Linguistics

Training and Workshops
Coming from a commercial background the understanding is in place that businesses do function in different ways on different levels. What is suitable for one organization training wise may lack the fit required for another. So why do organizations and individuals go for set format courses? Just about anything you can purchase now can be customized to your requirements, your training should be too.

Working with the client the requirement is scoped out as to exactly what is required for the unique situation they have, allowing for the organization to gain maximum value from the training provided. In many businesses there are strong time pressures on personnel and getting them to set aside days away from the office is impossible, this is totally possible to work around. The solution is always there to be found for the unique situation that exists. Within the training as well as the installation of knowledge, motivation is also installed. This is so that the personnel taking part utilize the techniques to create the results the organization needs when they leave the training.
Which businesses can benefit? All types. On some level there is the requirement for personal interaction between people in every business, within and between departments, between sales personnel and clients, purchasers and suppliers, managers. Whether it is selling and idea or product however tangible, effecting change in an organization, encouraging higher performance and motivation from staff, there is always human to human contact.

  • Stress Management Workshops
    A major part of the work I do had become stress management and mitigation, stress has risen to a high level of recognition in recent times and is acknowledged as a worldwide problem both in personal lives and in the workplace. The ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) National Survey on Stress at Work conducted in 1997 found that one in four people take time off work due to Stress. Communication difficulties between Management and Workers, unresolved Health and Safety issues, Work Overload and difficulties dealing with Clients or the General Public were cited as some of the common causes of Stress. Workshops on Stress management and mitigation are a good step to dealing with causes of Stress in the workplace, by operating with new resources and a different view point the majority of stress can be mitigated and often completely removed. By dealing with the Stress of employees there are noticeable trends of improvement in performance, attendance and productivity.
  • Communication & Sales Training
    Should the outcome of contact be left to chance? Do you want the potential for misunderstanding? Can you ensure you leave a meeting knowing that you have been totally understood? By utilizing techniques available, understanding how communication effectiveness can be maximized, knowing how to build complete rapport with anyone rapidly any time you want to, the chance is removed from meetings. In short whenever you utilize this you maximize the potential for the result you require being achieved.
  • Leadership Training
    Working with personnel from your organisation to generate in them greater ability as leaders. Initial work is done on their core skills to build the foundation of their leadership expertise. Techniques are then imparted so as to build strong techniques that generate greater confidence and capacity to lead with ease. Leadership skills over the various levels are then knitted together to show how the combination works to aid working with direct and indirect reporting personnel.


Personnel/Candidate Profiling
If there are problems with staff or you just want to hire a candidate who is going to stick around for a long period of time and what will motivate them to do so, the rapid personality profiling gives you the information needed. At the interview stage a relatively small amount of time spent with candidates gives you the information needed to find who will be the best fit for the role in question. Likewise if a member of staff is discontent in their role, the reasons can be probed and located allowing for solutions to be created that give best advantage for all concerned.

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