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September 10, 2009

Stephen Frost

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Stephen Frost - Business Success Coach

Stephen Frost – Business Success Coach

In late 2004 having worked for many years in several organisations and created what many people would regard as a successful career, I finally admitted to myself that I was unsatisfied with the work that I was doing, and left a well paid job as an Area Sales Manager with Shell which had good prospects for promotion.

I had already been studying NLP for some time and had seen great results come from techniques that I had utilised within the work I had been doing, dealing with people, particularly customers, had been a major part of my work. The techniques I knew were relatively unknown and still very few people have heard of NLP. So having seen such strong evidence of its effectiveness I took the decision to assist organisations get the most out of their people, and individuals to get the most out of business and life, as well as  either reduce or completely mitigate any stress they were experiencing.

In 2005 I completed training to the level of Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnosis and also trained in the use of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator and how it can be utilised to assist individuals to get the most out of themselves, from that point I was straight into aiding others achieving the freedom they were seeking from their old lives and the success they craved by working as a Business Coach.

Having operated in the UK since 2005 I moved to Sydney in May 2009 to bring my services and expertise to Australia, a decision which has had numerous lifestyle benefits and being in Sydney is wonderful. Having aided many people and organisations in the UK for the first four years of operating it is great to be working with so many wonderful people here in Sydney, transforming and enhancing lives and fortunes of businesses and individuals. Working in what I consider to be the greatest city in the World as a Business Coach is a great experience and aiding people in transforming their businesses here is truly rewarding.

By altering my own thought processes prior to, during and post training, I have been able to open up an entrepreneurial vein which had been little tapped previously. As a result I have seen my own results improve dramatically, this has aided me with my major passion in my life; aiding others to get the best results they can for themselves. The change I have undergone and the stress I have released, has allowed me to build a life which I find truly enjoyable and yields a greater sense of freedom than I have previously known, both of these things were major reasons for embarking on this journey and working for myself from the outset. Discover more here.

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