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November 20, 2009

High Stress, Flexibility and the Business Coach

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Business Coaching with Frost Neuro Linguistics to reduce stress and improve flexibility for success

Business Coaching with Frost Neuro Linguistics to reduce stress and improve flexibility for success

How many of us deal with high levels of stress on a daily basis? In Australia according to the A.C.T.U. one in four people take time off work due to stress, and with the majority of business being done in Sydney which has plentiful beaches and places to go and unwind that raises serious questions! How is it that in a country with a strong reputation for being so laid back, chilled out and easy going that stress is such a major problem? Certainly to my mind this seems to be a massive discrepancy. We all have our stresses and things that can wind us up, what is it that leads to some people getting so tightly bound with stress that they end up being signed off work by a doctor, more importantly how can you make sure that you are within the group that remains clear enough of stress to function effectively?


Firstly having a way to deal with stress and release it would be a good idea, certainly around Sydney there are many beautiful places to get out around nature, enjoy fresh air plus water views and if you are up for it exercise too, all whilst getting some sunshine. Certainly this is possible to do regardless of where you are in the world, perhaps the water views may be somewhat difficult in certain places, however you can still get out and about with a change of scenery and get some exercise, getting your body into a different state, i.e. one alternate to stressed, is as easy as taking on a different physiology so getting exercise is a good way to shift your state. So that’s one way that you could deal with stress, what would be even better though is to deal with the issue at the root and deal with the cause. So how do we do that? Well first off, what is it that causes you to feel stressed at work and in your life? Once you are aware of where the stresses come from you can start to tackle them by creating new ways of working with great flexibility mentally and emotionally, all of the elements bringing stress are going to be core within your model of the world, of how you see and perceive it. Granted the awareness of the core issues and knowing what to do about them have differing levels of complexity, and shifting through them brings new issues in terms of how you work with enough clarity to see the real depth issues and the things you can do to counter act them, by improving your own flexibility you can create options for yourself to get alternate results when situations arise. A place of course that a good Business Coach can be of immense assistance, your Business Coach can guide you through the questioning processes that unearth core issues and bypass the surface issues that disappear once the core problems are dealt with. Beyond unearthing the core issues a good Business Coach will also be able to work around how to counter act and mitigate the things that caused you stress, ideally a Business Coach working with NLP is best placed to aid you here due to the way they can work through your model of the world with you and engender greater flexibility with you. Plus having had the assistance of a good NLP trained Business Coach to work through these things you will find your stress disappearing fast whilst at the same time you are further empowered to work in a manner which will bring you the easier flow of success that you desire.


The importance of working with a good Business Coach here is self evident, vitally they speed the entire process up, especially if they use NLP, uncovering quickly with you the real issues and improving your flexibility of behaviour for mitigating them before they cause a problem for you again. Due to the greater speed that a good NLP trained Business Coach can work through these things with you gain the luxury of being able to work more effectively with more clear time to progress your business ahead of the curve that everyone else is working on. To find out more about a good Business Coach can aid you in clearing stress and gaining greater flexibility to create success then click here.

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