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September 24, 2009

Stress Relief and Business Coaching


Get Stress Relief and Mitigation for greater Success through Business Coaching

Get Stress Relief and Mitigation for greater Success through Business Coaching

A major part of the work I do alongside and within my role as a Business Coach and Success Coach, is stress management and mitigation, stress has risen to a high level of recognition in recent times and is acknowledged as a worldwide problem both in personal lives and in the workplace. The ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) National Survey on Stress at Work conducted in 1997 found that one in four people take time off work due to Stress, stress levels have largely been on the rise so it is likely now that more people are being affected. Communication difficulties between Management and Workers, unresolved Health and Safety issues, Work Overload and difficulties dealing with Clients or the General Public were cited as some of the common causes of Stress. People only take time off when they feel totally overwhelmed and feel there is no other way forward, so that’s a lot of people with extremely highly levels of stress, plus many more on that never get disclosed. Plenty can be done to help reduce the effects of workplace issues and alter home environments so that stress levels can be diminished, working with a Business Coach or Success Coach is definately one of those things, especially as there is more to high levels of stress than purely what happens at work, in the car while driving or when someone has an argument with their partner. The negative emotion you experience during unpleasant times of life through anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt gets stored up, compounded cumulatively, and collectively is what is commonly referred to as stress. These emotions get held by people due to the belief that they need to hold onto them or they will become a victim of the same things happening again. The reality is somewhat different, by holding on to these emotions and attaching them to events a focus is created which actually ends up drawing much the same things time and time again to the person wanting to stay away from them, working with a Coach is a major step to working around and mitigating these issues.

So what can be done? Well granted when something bad has happened you want to be sure that the lessons are learned, retained and can then keep you from the same things happening again. Is emotion core to this? Well no, it is not. It serves as a highlight to what is happening and environmental stimulus, negative emotions are there to draw your attention to something, when that event has occurred and shifted into the past you know what has happened, you are aware of the reasons, so keeping the emotions associated with negative events just pull you down into deeper negativity. So what do we really want to do? Well if the lessons could be retained without the negative emotion and held in such a way they could be molded into a form that would mean that you could be sure of being in line with what you actually want, rather than what you don’t want, well that would be good right? I mean if you could really draw from those previous unpleasant experiences, work out what really happened and why, then mold those experiences into a way of thinking that your mind can work with in an efficient way, a way that sets you on course for actually getting you into the experiences you wish to be enjoying rather than doing things to avoid unpleasant experiences that are just unfulfilling. What if you could totally reset your stress levels at the same time, and do it in a way that you could instantly know that all your stress had lifted and disappeared? Well that would be great right! All that is possible and has aided many people transform their lives to this date, and certainly within the programs I run as a Business Coach and a Success Coach I incorporate that level of transformation.

The technique that is so effective with removing negative emotion is Time Line Therapy™ and was developed by Tad James, Time Line Therapy™ is so highly regarded, in fact, that the Council of Psychotherapy in Croatia asked to be trained by Tad James in Time Line Therapy™ so they could help many of the victims of the war suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, universally amazing results were achieved with those who used the technique. The technique gets the mind to draw what needs to be learned from events, whilst also creating the acceptance that the emotion is counterproductive in the achievement of what the person is really seeking to experience in their life. This occurs by drawing the real reasons into a new belief structure that aids the person to achieve what they want, thus removing the negative draw that previously affected them. At the same time all the negative emotion they had been holding is released, meaning that the stress that had been affecting them for so long suddenly disappears allowing the person to get on with enjoying living, and this can happen very quickly. Time Line Therapy™ is an incredibly rapid technique to work with, and can remove a life time of negative emotion or life luggage in a single session so the person can rapidly get on with what really matters, getting the most out of life and enjoying it, hence the reason it is included within the Business and Success Coaching that I do with clients. The important question really is how quickly do you wish to get rid of your stress and when do you want to do it?! If the answer is that you want it gone now, with long standing results and quickly, then I would encourage you to take action to transform the way you feel and thus your life, leaving you free to get on with living and getting the most out of it. So if you are tired of the way you have been feeling, the way you have been performing or the results you have been getting then get in contact now. A further option for those looking to take up meditation.

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