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October 28, 2009

Boldness and Business Coaching

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Business Coach Stephen Frost at the Hong Kong - Guangdong Business Conference in Sydney 2009

Business Coach Stephen Frost at the Hong Kong - Guangdong Business Conference in Sydney 2009

Yesterday I attended the ‘Hong Kong – Guangdong Business Conference in Sydney 2009’, I was very privileged to be there and hear some high calibre speakers presenting their thoughts and views on Business links between Australia and China. Among them H.E. Zhang Junsai the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, the Hon. Huang Huahua – Governor of Guangdong, the Hon. Henry Tang – Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration who was very amusing in places. We were also very fortunate to have the Hon Nathan Rees, Premier of NSW present to give a few remarks at the start of the day, one of the things he said really struck a chord in my mind and applies to a vast number of people. When talking about the current economic situation around the world and referencing it to how both Australia and China have weathered that storm plus the trade relations between the two countries, how things have hit a turning point and where we should head from here he said this “Now is the time to be bold”.


So why is now the time to be bold? Purely and simply what Nathan Rees was referring to is the fact that within Australia and China the economy has reached a turning point where action leads to massive opportunity and growth. The question however is, are you ready to be bold? Do you have the drive within you to make the most of the current situation and the ability to carry it through in a way that allows you to get the greatest result available from the potential of this opportunity. What is it that holds you back from taking action? Importantly what is it that holds you back from reaching a wider audience and new markets? Give yourself a little time to just digest those questions in light of new possibilities, think about how you are working and what you want, the success you desire and how you work to achieve it. Then give yourself a moment of pure possibility to work out what truly bold moves you could make that could drive your business forward faster than you previously considered, what are the potential moves you could make? As you may have guessed this is where a good Business Coach can be of great value, this is due to the fact that the Business Coach can help you shift through the transitions with your business and your mindset that facilitate your business growing in previously unforseen ways.


Growing a business in new ways and moving beyond boundaries restricting it can be very difficult, hence the reason that successful people use a good Business Coach, I’m sure you can think of a few issues you have been work hard to resolve and been having problems clearing. These would be the issues that your Business Coach, if you had a good one, would assist you with clearing quickly and easily especially if they use NLP. Having sorted out the issues hindering the growth of your business you then have a clean sheet for the growth of your business, and of course the ability to start making bold moves that can be of great benefit both to your business and yourself. What bold moves would you like to make? What growth would you like in your business? How much can you do on your own and how much could you achieve with the time saved by gaining assistance from a Business Coach. Bold moves are what make the difference between having a business and having a great business which provides a strong foundation for everything you wish to do, everyone has bold moves in their mind surely it would be good to start making them and achieve the results you desire. If you wish to truly excel then get yourself a good Business Coach and work with them diligently to achieve the results you have in your mind. To find out more about how a Business Coach can aid you contact me now.

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