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December 15, 2009

Business Coaching and Creating Freedom

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Frost Neuro Linguistics aiding you to finf Freedom through Business Coaching

Frost Neuro Linguistics aiding you to find Freedom through Business Coaching

What are your motivations and reasons for having a business? What intentions did you have when you first set out with your business? What made you choose the particular Wealth System you adopted, did you continue using it or have you switched and changed once or many times? Are your motivations for running a business the same now as when you first set out? A lot can happen in a short period of time as we all know, and much can change the way we operate in our lives. In many ways I feel sure that numerous factors have had an effect on you and you have adapted in your own way accordingly, though taking time to realign in light of changes happens seldom.

Taking time to realign yourself when you make alterations in your life and your business is important, it gives opportunity to redefine the things which are core to your inspiration. Thus what you do and how easily you do it. When you take time to delve into the values you operate with you can see how well aligned you are to your goals and with what you are doing. To work from an NLP view which I do when I am Business Coaching, values are at the core of your being. They provide the upfront motivation for doing the things we do, what we choose to do and the results we get while doing these things. They are described by a single word usually, which defines a non-physical thing for example communication, travel, freedom or love. Money can also be set as a value though because much as we carry around a physical representation of it, it is just a concept that although in some ways is tangible can never be physically held. To elicit what your values are in different areas of your life ask yourself what is important to you about that area in order to make it work well for you, then write down the words that come to you. You may run out of words after the first few, keep going through the lull though and another set will come to you. Ideally you should then place them in order, to do this work through in terms of which ones you would be unable to make the area work without. Once you have the list it should in some way make you smile when you read it, also you feel the depth to which it resonates in terms of what you’re doing. Thus you can align more effectively what you are doing with your values such that you can achieve more with what you do. There are a few levels beyond this, although you would require either NLP training or an NLP trained Business Coach in order to work through them. When you do work through the additional levels of depth you clear up the motivation to make it totally positive, whilst also removing any blockages that prevent you from fully attaining the potential of each value. So as I’m sure you can see there is great value in working with an NLP trained Business Coach to aid you align your values and open up a clearer route to your success. Having found your core values in the certain areas you are interested in you can then adapt your style of working which can then in turn improve your ability to attain the success you desire. In terms of my UK and also Sydney Business Coaching clients, I have always noticed massive improvement in the results for the clients who take this action, massive improvement that you could enjoy too.

So what should you do? Well first off you can do your best to elicit your values, though if you wish to take it further and really work on your success then get an NLP trained Business Coach. If you are committed to attaining the success you seek then contact me either for sessions via Skype, or face to face if you are in Sydney as Business Coaching to this level has the potential to massively accelerate your success.

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