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September 10, 2009

Environment and Coaching for Success

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Frost Neuro Linguistics - Aiding Your Business and Success

Frost Neuro Linguistics - Aiding Your Business and Success

Have a look around you, what do your surroundings say to you? Are the things in and happening in the environment around you ones that cause you to smile and be happy with the world? Or do they cause you to feel down and stressed about what is happening in your life and what you currently have? It is incredibly common for people to look at the things around them, at the things they are doing and to feel discontent. Think about the people you hang out with, your family and your friends, are they happy with their lives, is their outlook on life positive or negative? And if you believe the outlook they have is positive, look deeper, what have they drawn to them that gives them cause to be happy every day, are they truly positive or are they masking a negative undercurrent?

Your environment contains a mass of information about you as you well know, have a look at it, what do you think that other people would think about what they see? On that note, what do you think about it looking in on yourself? People see a great variety of different things in the world around them and everyone has their own interpretation as to what these things mean. The mind works on several levels, two of which we are concerned with here, firstly the conscious level and secondly the unconscious level. The conscious level is where you actively think about things, visualise and communicate on a verbal level. The unconscious is where your feelings and core beliefs shape your perceptions of the world around you. The unconscious also does a few other things, when you go to move a muscle it is what controls that movement, your conscious mind would take a long time to shift your arm due to all the individual tendons and fibres that need coordination, whereas your unconscious can easily coordinate the neurons required to operate the muscles effortlessly. The conscious part of your mind can work with approximately seven plus or minus two chunks of information at a time in comparison to the unconscious which works with around 134 chunks. Coming from a different direction, you have around two million bits of information a second coming in through your senses, if all of that came straight to your conscious mind you would be totally overwhelmed. So your unconscious mind filters the information for you based on what is a priority, within this it takes into account your belief structures and previous experiences, and deletes, distorts and generalises what’s happening accordingly. Yes it does delete information, are you constantly aware of the feeling your right shoe around your foot throughout the day? Most likely not because you don’t need to be, so the information is deleted, unless the shoe is causing pain in which case it will highlight that feeling. So your mind shapes the appearance of the world around you, what you pay attention to and also what draws your attention. Knowing this how do you now feel about what you have going on around you and the light in which you’ve been seeing it, about how people around you have been treating you? Does it give you cause for celebration? If so you’re in a small percentage of the population!

When you look at the world around you if you are anything other than happy with it then I’m sure you agree that something needs to change right? Right! Certainly building high levels of Success in a negative environment raises difficulties. So what can you do? Often people go out and change their job, partner, friends, car, home, eating and drinking habits and all manner of things. Are these the most effective things to change though? In some cases yes, in the majority there are tweaks required but a more fundamental change is required. Your unconscious mind as you are now aware shapes your experience of the things going on around you, and does this by drawing on your belief system and your experiences. So can your beliefs and experiences taint the world you’re living in now and how much you enjoy it? Absolutely, they have a major impact on your levels of Success! When you look at your world through rose tinted glasses the world appears rosy, by the same virtue if the glasses are dulled with bad experiences, poor communication, stress and discontent then those are the things you will see and pay attention to as they are the ones that your mind identifies with most strongly. Expanding that out further, if that’s the way you are shaping the view you have of the world then how do you think other people are viewing you? If you view them with mistrust and caution then do you think they are viewing you in the same way? Likely they are as your thoughts will alter the way they behave. So what can you do? Start changing the way you think is a good place. Through Business Coaching or change work, using techniques such as NLP and Timeline Therapy® you can very rapidly change the way you experience the world, and as a result massively change the results you get from the world you live in. People get to where they are in life due to the Mindset they work with, change your Mindset and you change your world, and if you’re going to do it then why not make it the most positive and enjoyable world that you can. After all it is great to enjoy life. So make a decision to have the best possible Mindset you can for the Success and life you want, then take action to ensure it happens, to find out more about how Business Coaching can improve your Success contact me via

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