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October 12, 2009

Goal Mastery with a Business Coach


Goal Mastery with Frost Neuro Linguistics Business Coaching

Goal Mastery with Frost Neuro Linguistics Business Coaching

How often do you set goals? For that matter do you set goals? And when I say “set goals” I mean actually take time and write them down, work them through and bring them to a point of crystal clarity that can be worked through to completion and reality. Mostly people set goals in their heads and never write them down, or perhaps even worse they have goals that other people have told them to do, be that person a boss, friend or family member taking what they have set as a goal is off the mark and only to be done if you have strong affinity for that goal. Goal setting is a very personal thing with differing levels of achievement possible by everyone, what may be realistic for one person could be beyond reach and outlandish for someone else, conversely someone else’s goal could be far too easy and lack the stretch that another person needs.

When setting goals one of the best things you can do is really drill into the detail of what you wish to achieve, get right into when you wish to achieve it, specify the day and date, even better the time you desire the goal to be completed. Then get into the substance of the achievement you are setting out in pursuit of, something a Business Coach can be of high value with, as an example it could be that you are looking to increase the income of your business from $40,000 to $50,000 per month, great goal, however what are you really looking to achieve? Is the increase based purely on turnover, or is it after expenses, for that matter after taxes and net of all deductions? Let’s face it the difference between pure turnover and net of all deductions can makes a big difference to your profit levels, so as I tell my Business Coaching clients getting specific with these things is key, especially if you wish to get what you ask for! Another way to look at it is that you could easily increase the turnover and then have a huge bill come in that wipes out the additional revenue you’ve just created and then some! Definitely a less favourable outcome and something many people overlook when setting out what they wish to achieve. Alongside this check how achievable the goal is for you at this moment in time, do you have faith that you can pull everything into place to complete the goal or are there doubts that you have? If you have doubts you either need to change the goal, or get rid of the doubts which may require assistance from a Business Coach. Also how are you going to measure the achievement, how are you going to know when you’ve hit it? With something like the example above it’s fairly easy as your monthly Cash Flow Statement should give the evidence you require, though you could get the knowledge in other ways. With other goals you may require a different evidence procedure. These are just some of the questions you should be running through or probing with your Business Coach as you take time and write out your goals, there are many more within the process of crystallising your goals ready for their achievement. Working with a good Business Coach when you are setting out goals is a very powerful thing to do, you can get much better clarity on what you wish to achieve and clear off hurdles that would have held you back from achieving it. Also you will find that a good Business Coach bringing in suggestions as to where you can start to make good ground on achieving that goal immediately, and give you greater strength to get it in the specified time.

Once you’ve actually set the goal out making it truly compelling in your mind takes it a lot further along the path towards being a definite outcome. So how can you make it more compelling? Well the following come from a process that has always worked incredibly well for me and the clients I work with as a Business Coach, first off start to create a picture in your mind of achieving that goal, looking through your own eyes at the point where you know you have achieved the goal, seeing all the things that you would have set down in your evidence criteria for the goal you set. Then add in the sounds you’ll hear and the way you will feel  and you are creating a strong compelling draw in your mind, then step out of the picture so you can see yourself in it, this acts like a rubber band as your mind wants to be back in that state enjoying the achievement. More can then be added on top of this, though it gets more complex and is a process that you need to be guided through in order for it to be done properly. By setting goals in this way you will find that your goals are easier to achieve and happen in the manner you truly wanted them to as my Business Coaching clients have discovered. To find out more about achieving your goals more easily and working with a Business Coach to aid you, contact me.

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