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November 2, 2009

Pushing the Fear with a Business Coach

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Frost Neuro Linguistics: Getting rid of Fear with an NLP trained Business Coach

Frost Neuro Linguistics: Getting rid of Fear with an NLP trained Business Coach

So what is it that causes you to shake with fear? What paralyses you from taking the action that would bring you great benefit? How is your fear interacting with your day to day life, your relationships and your business? How is that fear causing your business to underperform and fall far short of the place you wish it to be? There is a quote about fear from Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ that sums up the effect well “Fear is the mind killer”, it really hits the nail well on this one.


So for what reason do people allow their fears to control and dominate their lives? Well pure and simple they believe that the fear they project on something is the summation of what will happen if they going along with the course of action they wish they could. In actual fact there is a possibility that they might end up having their fear come to life, though there are almost infinite other possibilities for what could happen, and indeed if they truly worked to achieve the result they wished for they could bypass the negative and get what they want. The biggest thing you can do then is address your fear and either bypass or get rid of that fear you had, in doing so you then allow your mind to work with a clearer map of what can be done in this world. When you have limitation in your mind then you will experience limitation in your world, release the limitations in your mind and you will find the limitations in your world disappearing too. With people who are highly successful you will notice they have a lack of fear over pretty much everything, and largely take on a view along the lines of “what’s the worst that can happen” coupled with thinking that if something fails to work in the way they intended then they will just go again in a slightly different way, and just keep working till they find the right way that works. This would be a major area they would work with a good Business Coach, particularly one who does NLP, by working with the Business Coach they know they can eliminate or bypass the fear to a point whereby it holds little if any sway over the action they wish to take. Once the fear is gone or bypassed then you can move forward with confidence over the outcome you are looking to achieve.


What can you do to overcome your fear? Well give yourself some time in a quiet relaxed space, then start to pour out all of your fears and your thoughts about them into a notebook and start working through the reasons for those fears, what they mean to you and how if at all they are actually valid. Also give yourself some time to think about what would happen if any of them actually came out as you feared, and how you would then behave and collect yourself together to move forward and head after your objective again. Let’s face it the only time you can ever have failed is when you’ve given up and decided you have failed, until then you can always pick yourself up, take the learnings and move forward to achieve what you want. By working these things through you will start to work your fears through and overcome them, granted it is a going to take a fair bit of time, though confronting them like this will have good effect. The better way of course is to work with an NLP trained Business Coach, going through this style of Business Coaching will enable your fears to be worked through rapidly with long lasting effect, as well as empowering you with the resources you need to achieve your objective more easily. A good NLP trained Business Coach can take you through a variety of processes designed to alleviate all the issues and fears that have held you back, when you chose to work through the things holding you back that limit you and the rate of your progress with a Business Coach you have the opportunity to enjoy greater results than you’ve known before and more rapidly than you had thought possible. To find out more about how Business Coaching with NLP can aid you in getting rid of your fears and attaining your dreams contact me here.

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