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February 2, 2010

Sydney Business Coach tips on Taking Action

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Sydney Business Coach tips on taking action and achieving Success

Sydney Business Coach tips on taking action and achieving Success

Have you ever wished to make something happen? Of course you have, everyone has. Have you ever been able to make things happen? Have you ever found you have been unable to make things happen? Probably you have answered yes to both of those. Sometimes people succeed, sometimes they have to do things differently in order to succeed. Sometimes people have trouble initiating things so that things can happen. Has that ever affected you?

So how is it that people fail to take action? Well from the perspective of a Sydney Business Coach many people get affected by a kind of paralysis, overly concerned as to whether they are taking the right action. The important thing is actually taking action as almost any Business Coach will tell you, if you never take action because you continually analyse the potential outcomes you will never achieve the outcome. So just doing something will start to get you along your path to achieving the result you desire. Having initiated your motion you can always adapt your strategy and tactics if you need to, the important thing is taking action.

So what is it that holds you back from taking the initial action? Whilst working as a Sydney Business Coach I have aided many people through this sort of thing, first off get a pen and paper and find a quiet space where you can write. Then allow yourself to be completely honest free of judgement and write down everything that concerns you and causes you anxiety when you think about starting a project and initiating action. Write down everything that comes into your mind, regardless of whether it seems relevant. Then expand on the different points you have written down, you will still find fresh things come through so write them down as well.

Once you have a list of points that cause you to refrain from taking action and the expansion of each reason you may find some of them strange or even silly. From experience here in Sydney Business Coaching and also from time in the UK, I find it quite strange the reasons that come up for people as to why they should refrain from action. Whilst working with clients one on one in a Business Coaching session the clients begin to recognise how stupid the reasons that hold them back are. Once the reasons are recognised for their ludicrousness they tend to begin to disintegrate allowing the client to move forward, sometimes a little work is required, work that is ideally suited to a trained NLP Business Coach due to the belief change work associated.

So if you are finding yourself holding back from taking action then work out why, or even better get yourself a good Business Coach to help you work out why and aid you in taking the right action. To get in contact and book your Sydney Business Coaching sessions or sessions via Skype if you are further afield click here.

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