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November 9, 2009

The Rules and The Business Coach

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Get your Rules for Success working for you with Business Coaching from Frost Neuro Linguistics

Get your 'Rules for Success' working for you with Business Coaching from Frost Neuro Linguistics

In your journey through life how do you find yourself getting from one juncture to another, and whilst you are making that journey what rules do you follow to get there? Do you go with the patterning that the people around you recommend, with the conditioning that is recommended by the society and culture you dwell within? The rules that other people press upon you as the “right way to do things” and may indeed be in conflict with the things you wish to achieve, or do you follow a different set of rules? Whilst doing some research I came upon the following quote from author Michael Konda “The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you’re playing by somebody else’s rules, while quietly playing by your own”.


So how do you work your rules into the way you work in order to bypass the limitation inherent within the rules that have been holding you back? The rules that you have worked by are the ones that hold some responsibility for the results you have been achieving, they affect your model of the world and the perception you have of it. With your perception coloured by the rules you work to your focus is limited to the things which exist within those rules, and the things which exists outside of those rules get little notice if any. The problem here of course is that often to achieve great things you need to do something very different to what everyone else does, so if you use their rules then you will get their results, so you need a different set of rules in order to get the success you desire. Think about the times when you are achieving your best results, what are the characteristics that are present when you are getting your best results? How do they differ from when you are doing poorly? What are the key factors that you can discern when you are enjoying what you do and getting the best of it? Working these things out is the beginning of getting your ‘Rules for Success’ and is something I do with all my Business Coaching clients. A good business coach who works with NLP can guide you very quickly through working out what exactly are the factors you need to enhance in your life, once you have them you can then draw your attention to them and ensure you embody them on a daily basis as much as possible.


When you work with you personal ‘Rules for Success’ as part of your daily life then you will find new opportunities opening up which you may never have noticed before, or that may have never been brought to you yet by now through various means now are. With a good Business Coach aiding you your chances of success are greatly multiplied, this is because the Business Coach can help keep you on track with your motivation and inspiration high. As your mindset shifts with your new ‘Rules for Success’ your Business Coach will aid you in taking different perspectives with new and existing opportunities, this will aid you to ‘think outside the box’ a concept frequently spoken of though little achieved. Through your Business Coaching sessions your ability to ‘think outside the box’ expands and where previously you may have seen limitation and restriction preventing you from seizing opportunity, you will start finding new ways to make opportunities work and ways to create the success you desire from them. The Business Coach you work with plays a major role in shifting your vision away from the limitation and blockage to focusing on the things that can perform well for you, and performing well is something that pays big dividends when you are properly set up for it. To find out more about how a good Business Coach can aid you in driving your business forward click here.

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