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December 30, 2009

Sydney Business Coach Tips for New Year Goal Setting

Frost Neuro Linguistics Goal Setting for Success with Sydney Business Coach

Frost Neuro Linguistics Goal Setting for Success with Sydney Business Coach

It is fast approaching New Year here in Sydney and of course the rest of the world, a time of reflection and planning. New Year is a always a time for setting out what you are going to be doing in the year ahead, and I’m pretty sure you have a set of Goals you would like to be hitting successfully in 2010. So very simply I’m going to run through a few Business Coaching tips to help you out with your Goal Setting for the year ahead, that would be of assistance to you right? So, give yourself some time to sit at a table or desk where you can write comfortably, where you can remain totally focused for however long you need for this. The reason for writing with a pen instead of typing, etc, is that by physically crafting the words onto the page you ingrain the goals and the impetus to achieve them more strongly in your mind, thus increase opportunity for success.

So set out on a page in front of you all the things that have been great for you in 2009, all the things that you have achieved and are happy with. Follow this up on another page with the things you are departing 2009 still wanting or needing to achieve, be kind to yourself and do this without taking a stick or anything else to beat or judge yourself with. Next up check out the factors that have been present when you are enjoying your successes, it may be that you are having fun, that you are relaxed or a whole bunch of other stuff. Those factors become your ‘Rules for Success’, from a Business Coaching perspective having ‘Rules for Success’ is important as you can replicate these environmental conditions to then leverage your ability to succeed. The next step is to then plan out exactly what you are heading into 2010 to achieve, use the full S.M.A.R.T. criteria for Setting these Goals out and be solid about what and when you are going to achieve these things. Mix them up as well, having personal and family objectives as well as the business objectives you would look to be setting out. Factor in how you wish your business and your Wealth System to move forward through 2010. Working as a Sydney Business Coach I have seen many Entrepreneurs and Business People work through their Goals with little thought for the impact hitting some of them will have on their business and also their personal lives, so check out what knock on effects may happen and how they will change things. If you are totally ok with the changes then go for it, otherwise adapt, in Business Coaching quite often clients find adapting things the set out to achieve yields far more positive results. Then if you know how to do Time Line Therapy, or have a Business Coach trained in NLP and Timeline Therapy, set the goals into to the future Timeline. May sound strange, the results bear strong fruit to its effectiveness though!

For those of you that wish to have assistance with this Goal Setting process from someone who has done it many times over with excellent results every time I am very happy to assist as your Business Coach. For Sydney Business Coaching sessions or over Skype for further afield and even International then please click here to get in contact with me.

October 12, 2009

Goal Mastery with a Business Coach


Goal Mastery with Frost Neuro Linguistics Business Coaching

Goal Mastery with Frost Neuro Linguistics Business Coaching

How often do you set goals? For that matter do you set goals? And when I say “set goals” I mean actually take time and write them down, work them through and bring them to a point of crystal clarity that can be worked through to completion and reality. Mostly people set goals in their heads and never write them down, or perhaps even worse they have goals that other people have told them to do, be that person a boss, friend or family member taking what they have set as a goal is off the mark and only to be done if you have strong affinity for that goal. Goal setting is a very personal thing with differing levels of achievement possible by everyone, what may be realistic for one person could be beyond reach and outlandish for someone else, conversely someone else’s goal could be far too easy and lack the stretch that another person needs. (more…)

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